I’m back!

Hi everyone!

Thanks so much for your patience over the last few months, as I took a short break to pray through what the future of this blog was, and what God wants from my artistic adventures.

I spent the last few months really focused on my artwork, store, and a new website. And all the while, I prayed about whether or not to continue to this blog.

And I believe that God answered my prayer to continue with this blog! I first started this blog to express my faith journey, and just because I am on a new venture doesn’t mean that my faith journey has stopped.

Therefore, I will continue to blog here, and share my faith and life with you. I will be blogging significantly less, and the e-newsletters will now be monthly (before it was weekly). I want to continue to put out encouraging content, so I don’t want to feel pressured to post just for the sake of posting. I want to make sure that I dedicate enough time and energy to each post and email. So I ask for your understanding and patience as I make this transition.

Thank you again for all of you who have journeyed with me so far. I have been encouraged by those who have joined my Facebook group, and have been participating in my Bible Writing Plan. I’ll continue to do those things, so I hope to stay connected with you either through this blog or another avenue!

Stay tuned for upcoming content including the July Bible Writing Plan!



A New Transition

Hi everyone,
I’ve been struggling with a tough decision regarding my direction with this blog and my life in general. I started my blog “The Things Unseen” as a way to express my faith journey. While on this journey, I discovered my love for art (specifically watercolor and calligraphy). You may have noticed that I haven’t been blogging consistently in recent months, and my Instagram content is exclusively about my paintings.
Therefore, starting today, I will be in a state of transition with my blog, social media (except Instagram), and other outlets. I will be suspending posts and updates here as I transition to a new website (and name) that focuses on my new business venture featuring my products.
I want to thank everyone for being supportive of my faith journey so far. I would like to continue blogging here about my faith journey, but it will be on a less frequent basis.
My tentative launch date for the new website is July 1. I’m creating new content that focuses on watercolor and modern calligraphy.
Thank you again for joining me on my faith journey here, and I hope you will also join me in this new venture!