Featured Plant: Hyacinth


I fell in love with hyacinths a few years ago near the Botanic Garden in DC. I was walking along the outskirts of the garden, when I noticed an entire field of them! It really took me by surprise. They were short, but so delicate and strong. The stems are very thick, and each stem has myriad, delicate flowers and petals. It kind of looks like Marge Simpson’s hair… the way it’s shaped. Anyway, when we decided to redo our front garden bed, I knew that I wanted to plant hyacinths. But I had to wait until the Fall to plant the bulbs. I spent all of Winter hoping that they would make their debut. And sure enough, they did!


And now it’s their second year, and they are doing just as great!hyacinth-1

They are incredibly fragrant and are perfect as cuttings.hyacinth-2

Leave behind the leaves in the garden so that they can die naturally and store energy in the bulb for the next year! Once the leaves have browned, cut at the base.

I’ve heard that the flowers may grow smaller with each year, so we’ll see how they turn out next year!

Take a moment today to stop and smell the hyacinths!


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