Home Accents: Living Room

Home Accents Living Room title photo.jpgWho knew that it would take close to four years before doing some real decorating in the house? Maybe it’s laziness. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m living in the house that I grew up in since 8th grade, so I’m used to the bare walls because my parents didn’t believe in decorating. Maybe it’s also because I haven’t been so sick in my life before, I just wanted to do something so that I don’t go stir crazy. The result? I finally tackled that corner in the living room!

This post includes affiliates links. This means that if you purchase the item using my link, I receive a small commission at no extra charge to you. I will only post products that I have personally used and would recommend. The small commission helps run this blog and its activities. Thank you!The corner in question is right behind our dining table, and next to some flower/plant pots. Since the window on the right is a south-facing window, it’s a good place to position plants. It always bugged me that that corner was bare. But given that there is a lot of nature happening, it made sense to have the wall decor also inspired by elements of nature.

I’ve also been dying to put up Charley Harper prints. Well, not really prints, because the ones I have are actually pages from a calendar of his prints, hehe. But I was too clueless to get them properly mounted or framed. Sadly, they’ve just been sitting on my bookshelf…waiting to be put up. So when I had the bright idea to make that corner nature-inspired, it was a match made in heaven to put up these drawings! Seriously check out his work, though. They’re incredible.

Before buying a whole lot of decor that I might never use again, I tried to get an idea of how I would want to lay them out. Painter’s tape ftw!

Then, I headed over to Hobby Lobby to find some awesome decor. And I sure did find some good stuff!


When I got back home, I got started on the Charley Harper prints. First, I trimmed the left and right sides, but left the white trim on the top and bottom. I was inspired by this blog post to mount these prints in a unique way.


I took my time measuring, leveling, and prepping. I’m also a fan of not drilling holes, so I used mostly command strips to mount everything. Soon, things were coming together, and before I knew it, I was done!



What do you think? What are some of your home décor secrets?


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