Featured Plant: Marigolds

marigold-title-photoI was first introduced to Marigolds at the local Home Depot store when I was looking for flowers to add to the garden. I was attracted to their bright yellow and orange flowers. While getting advice from one of the sales associates, she mentioned that you can save seeds from marigolds and plant them next year! That way, you can save a little bit of money. I. Was. Sold.

That was three years ago. And I haven’t bought marigold flowers or seeds since then.

They are easy to grow. If you’re a new gardener, then this is a great flower to start with. If you’re planting outdoors, they’re drought-resistant and are fairly hardy. As long as you deadhead them regularly, they’ll continue to bloom for a long season. I’ve got some growing indoors and outdoors. I’m hoping the ones inside will last all year-round.


They’re great for your vegetable garden. Marigolds are not only drought-resistant but also pest-resistant. So putting them with your vegetables is a great idea. They also smell pretty terrible, so they keep away animals. Adding flowers is always a good idea because they attract pollinators, and marigolds do just that.

Their seeds are easy to gather and store for next year. Granted, I haven’t had too much experience with this with other flowers, but I had no trouble at all when deadheading marigolds and then storing the seeds. Almost 75% of the seeds that I stored produced seedlings the next season.

Marigolds have a history of being used medicinally. If you know me, I do enjoy a slice of history now and then. So I had to look up how marigolds were used in the past. Marigolds have antiseptic properties among other uses. In the Civil War and World War I, marigolds were used to prevent infection.


If you haven’t grown marigolds before, I would encourage you to try, especially if you’re new to gardening! I guarantee it will become one of your favorite flowers to grow (even if they don’t smell pleasant).


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