Featured Plant: Nasturtium

A flower that is completely edible!

Sometimes I choose flowers completely based on how the photo looks on the seed packets. Anyone else guilty of this? Or is it just me?


Anyway, I saw the bright red flowers and instantly wanted them for the flowerpots at the front of the house. Oh, did I mention they’re great for containers?


nasturtium-2I knew absolutely nothing about this flower besides what’s written on the back of the packet. So the only natural thing is to Google the heck out of it.

Among the information out there about nasturtiums, I found the National Gardening Association’s page very helpful.

Some highlights:

  • They’re very easy to grow.
  • They actually thrive on neglect.
  • They can grow in containers or climb on trellises (depending on the variety)
  • The flowers and leaves can be harvested for consumption
  • The leaves have a peppery taste

If you have a decently sized pot for flower planting, try nasturtiums out this year!


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