DIY Spa Party: Part 1

Spa Party title photo part 1.jpg

Two months ago, the women’s ministry at my church hosted a Mother’s Day celebration. The day was filled with pampering, professional massage therapists, DIY bath salts, and games.

We’re about halfway done with summer, and I felt like I needed another spa day with my ladies! This time, I decided to host it at home, with just a handful of ladies (since my place is small and can accommodate only so many people!)

I had to be creative with my space because, like I explained, my place is small. But after rearranging some furniture, and setting out additional ones, I came up with five stations that the ladies could enjoy. I apologize that I didn’t take as many photos as I should have! I was more concerned with everyone having a good time. But I did take plenty of photos of my chalkboard signs.. =) Without further ado, here is what my DIY spa night looked like!


I was fortunate that one of the invited ladies is a DoTerra rep, and she graciously brought her diffuser, and her entire essential oil kit! Needless to say, all of the ladies were enthusiastic to learn about it. In addition, I set up my bluetooth speakers to play some soothing music. I think I searched for “calming instrumental” on Pandora. I didn’t want to concern myself with candles, dimmed lights, and whatnot. If it was more individual, then I think I might have done that. But there would be seven ladies coming, and I didn’t want anyone to bump into each other unnecessarily.



Ladies had the option to choose one of the three types. Most chose the lavender one, because who wouldn’t want to! But the charcoal was the second most popular. Below is a very short video of the ladies at work on their scrubs!


Gotta have a nail station at a spa night! I also asked the ladies to bring their own colors to use or share, too. Everyone went home with pretty nails!


Stay tuned for Part 2 where I’ll show you some of the other stations!


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