Featured Plant: Spider Plant

spider-plant-title-photoAfter weeks of searching for indoor houseplants that would also be safe for pets, I finally decided to go with the spider plant. 

My ceilings are too high to have it be hanging, but it’s on a stand that’s about 3 feet off the ground, so my cat isn’t tempted to try and eat it (even though it’s safe for pets).

Spider plants also help purify the air, so no need to spray febreeze and mask odors. Do it naturally if possible!


The spider plant is one of those un-killable plants. But I have found that even the most un-killable ones are still killable. So here are some tips for taking care of your spider plant.

Use distilled or purified water

This will help prevent the tips of the plant from browning. Tap water has fluoride which is hazardous to spider plants. In addition, use room temperature water, and only water after the soil has dried out. Overwatering is often the source of killing these un-killable houseplants.

Groom your spider plant

Occasionally, you’ll see your plants’ tips will brown. When that’s the case, cut off the tips with your fingers or a clean pair of scissors. At the base of the plant, you’ll also notice old leaves withering. Remove those by gently pulling and discarding.


Mist occasionally

Spider plants are originally tropical, so although they will do well in normal house conditions, a little humidity every now and then will help. Mist with a spritzer bottle occasionally, or place in your bathroom.

Propagate by planting spiderettes

I haven’t tried propagating yet, but I have a couple of spiderettes growing,  so that’s next on my list! I think the best tip I’ve found is to snip the spiderette from the parent plant, and plant directly into potting mix, or let it take root by placing it in water. Once I try propagating, I’ll let you know!


What kind of houseplants do you have? What do you like/not like about the spider plant? Any tips for propagating?


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