Bible Writing Plan: November

IMG_20161017_125655.jpgGrowing up, I was taught to write out the Bible word for word, like a scribe. As I grew up, I did it on and off. But since I started the Bullet Journal, I’m rediscovering the beauty of writing out the Bible. I’ve been doing my quiet time regularly, and spending more time in the Bible. I decided to start putting together a monthly writing plan to help those who also want to explore the Bible together.

All it takes is a notebook, a pen, and 10-15 minutes of your time. It also helps if you spend some time reflecting on the passage. I do the writing as part of my quiet time. Feel free to write down a prayer or other thoughts as God reveals things to you. Join the email list, and receive the monthly plans in your email!

Remember that if you miss a day, don’t worry about it. The point isn’t to do it for the sake of doing it. But to set aside time to spend in the Word. So if you miss a day, you can still write the verses for the day, and read the other verses. Just don’t feel bad about it because that’s when we tend to get legalistic and eventually give up on the discipline.

If you’re the type to doodle, then feel free to also add drawings to help you remember and meditate on the Word.

NOVEMBER 2016 – the Book of James

November 1 | James 1:1-4
November 2 | James 1:5-8
November 3 | James 1:9-11
November 4 | James 1:12-15
November 5 | James 1:16-18
November 6 | James 1:19-21
November 7 | James 1:22-25
November 8 | James 1:26-27
November 9 | James 2:1-4
November 10 | James 2:5-7
November 11 | James 2:8-10
November 12 | James 2:11-13
November 13 | James 2:14-17
November 14 | James 2:18-20
November 15 | James 2:21-24
November 16 | James 2:25-26
November 17 | James 3:1-5
November 18 | James 3:6-8
November 19 | James 3:9-12
November 20 | James 3:13-18
November 21 | James 4:1-3
November 22 | James 4:4-6
November 23 | James 4:7-10
November 24 | James 4:11-12
November 25 | James 4:13-17
November 26 | James 5:1-3
November 27 | James 5:4-8
November 28 | James 5:9-12
November 29 | James 5:13-15
November 30 | James 5:16-20

NOV BWP - James.jpg


3 thoughts on “Bible Writing Plan: November

  1. lynnabbottstudios says:

    I love this, Audrey! And I love your music as well! When are you going to record an album? I’d buy it! So glad you found my blog so I could find you! You’re an awesome sister in Christ! Love and Blessings to You Through Our Great God!


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