Living Chemical-Free Part 5: Make your first product!


Congratulations for making it to the last step in this series! Seriously, you deserve a thousand awesome points for making it this far. This last part is probably the best one because now we actually get to make our first homemade product! Are you ready?ย 

This post includes affiliates links. This means that if you purchase the item using my link, I receive a small commission at no extra charge to you. I will only post products that I have personally used and would recommend. The small commission helps run this blog and its activities. Thank you!

Here is the overview of the 5-part series of living chemical-free. If you are visiting the blog for the first time, take a moment to look over the other parts. If you are serious about making the lifestyle change to living chemical-free, I highly recommend you starting with part 1. Each part is broken down to actionable steps so that you don’t feel overwhelmed. My hope is that after each part, you feel confident to achieve this new lifestyle!

  1. Conduct research
  2. Create budget and product usage spreadsheet
  3. Analyze and prioritize
  4. Research chemical-free products
  5. Make your first product, and start living chemical-free! (you are here)

If you’ve gone through every single part, you have determined some products that you want to make on your own. You’ve got the ingredients you need. And now you’re ready!

Here, I’ve got some DIY recipes to get you started. Some are my own, and some are from other bloggers. I’m only promoting products that I have actually made myself and can testify that they have work for me.

There are some major products that I don’t have recommendations for because they haven’t worked for me, or I haven’t tried them yet. These include shampoo, moisturizer, lotion, and detergent. As I’ve said, I’m on this journey, too, and doing experiments right alongside you. You’re more than welcome to search for DIY recipes on your own. But do so with the following in mind:

  • Conduct your own research on the recipe and the author.
  • Avoid being overwhelmed by the sites or pins that say things like “100+ ways to make [insert product]”.
  • Don’t make too much of the product the first time around because you may not like how it works for you. I’d hate for you to waste too much of your ingredients!
  • Lastly, remember that you may not be able to go completely chemical-free right off the bat. Some products you may prefer to purchase, and some you want to make. Whatever it is, let’s keep taking forward steps to living chemical-free.



Thanks for taking part in this 5-part series! I hope it was helpful for you! I’d appreciate any feedback or comments you may have especially if you’re already living chemical-free!

Stay tuned for more DIY recipes coming your way!

Thanks, and happy product-making!

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