4 Reasons to Start the Bullet Journal Right Now


I started my bullet journal back in August, and I can’t get enough of it! If you’re looking to be more organized in 2017, do it with the bullet journal! 

Here are my top four reasons to start the bullet journal RIGHT NOW.

1. It’s the all-in-one journal

Growing up, I had a separate journal for everything: drawing/doodles, sermon notes, quiet times/Bible studies, diary/personal journal, and songwriting. I would lose track of these notebooks, misplace them, or never complete them. I can’t tell you how many incomplete journals I have!

Since starting the bullet journal, I only need just one journal for everything. Due to its flexible nature, you can add any content wherever you want. Keep an index at the front, and you’ll never lose information again!

At the end of each month, I create a monthly/weekly spread for the upcoming month. Here are some example pages from the past few months and photos below:

  • 1 page – title page
  • 2 pages – gratitudes
  • 1 page – habit tracker
  • 1 page – meal planner
  • 2 pages – monthly log
  • 3-5 pages – weekly layout


I always start with these basic pages. Then all the pages that follow are daily pages such as Bible Writing, sermon notes, doodles, photo scrapbook, songwriting, everything that I would have separate journals for are now together! This way, everything that pertains to that particular month is contained within a certain number of pages.

When it’s time to start a new month, I allow myself a few extra pages to finish out the current month, and then begin planning the layout again with the basic pages listed above.


2. Make it your own – be creative!

How many of you go down the diary/planner/journal aisle at Target, Wal-Mart, or any other store and get disappointed at the poor selections available? I bet you’ve tried the weekly planners. Maybe the small daily ones. Well, look no further and be disappointed no more. The bullet journal will adapt to you because you are the creator!

Your bullet journal can be as simple or as colorful as you want it to be. If you’re just starting the bullet journal, I would recommend learning about the original purpose of the bullet journal, and start as simply as you can. Once you’re comfortable with the basics, then feel free to elaborate and experiment with drawings, color, and other decorations.

I tend to keep mine pretty simple except for the title page, and any creative responses to my Bible Writing pages. I usually have a color scheme for each month, so I keep that consistent throughout that month’s pages.

If you’re curious about what tools are good, check out my essentials for the bullet journal.

3. Actually get stuff done

I’ve tried myriad apps to try to keep myself organized and on task. The downfall of having multiple apps is just that—too many apps. You have an app to track your fitness and weight loss journey. You have another app to keep all of your appointments. You have another to store notes and ideas. This is the same problem as having separate journals for everything.

In the end, these digital efforts don’t compare to the analog beauty of the bullet journal. Because every aspect of your life is in one journal, you’re better organized and on task. Bonus: the physical act of filling in the square to indicate a completed task makes me so happy! Do you ever feel that way? 🙂

Since the journal is with me wherever I go, I am constantly filling it with tasks, events, appointments, and updating it as the day goes by. Seriously, just try it for a month, and be amazed at how much you actually get done! Even emails and voice messages are answered promptly!

4. Track Important Habits

Before the bullet journal, I tracked habits… in my head. I would mentally remind myself to eat better, or drink more water. I tried to add daily and weekly alerts in my phone. But what did I do when the alert actually goes off? I ignored it like it was a spam message!

The list is endless when it comes to creating your habit tracker, but again, start simple, and add the ones that you would actually want to track.

Some habits that are in my tracker are:

  • Bible Writing
  • Prayer
  • Drawing/Handlettering
  • Workout
  • Facial
  • Veggie Meal
  • No spending
  • Laundry

If I lacked in certain habits one month, the tracker gave me an idea of which habits I should focus on in the following month.

The great news is that once you practice these habits for a few months consistently, it will almost become second nature. Then you don’t need to add it to your tracker, and instead you can add new habits to work on!

Are you convinced to start a bullet journal now? Which of these reasons convinced you? 🙂 Let me know in the comments!

Or maybe you’ve already started a bullet journal. Let me know what you love the most about it!

Here’s to a more organized 2017!

6 thoughts on “4 Reasons to Start the Bullet Journal Right Now

  1. Priscilla Liz Eustace says:

    This is a great idea! Definitely looking into it more for the upcoming year.. It’s going to be a crazy one for me, I could certainly use some more organization. 😀


    • Audrey says:

      Thanks for your comment, Priscilla! I’m glad you’re thinking of starting the bullet journal. It’s a lot of fun and reduces the stress of getting things done. I hope it works out well for you! I’d love to hear how it’s going a few months from now. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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