January Bullet Journal Layout

screenshot_2017-01-03-11-29-54Since starting the bullet journal several months ago, I’m tweaking things here and there, refining my layouts, and finding that the bullet journal is still the best thing out there for me.

It worked out perfectly that the first bullet journal ran out of pages as the year was ending. So I grabbed a new notebook and got started on the new year!

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Since this would be a brand new notebook for the start of a new year, I added several pages to the beginning to better prepare for the future.

The future log is important because I draw out the layouts month by month, so if it’s the month of January now, but there’s something happening in May, I need a more permanent space to write it down. That’s where the future log comes in. So upcoming weddings, birthdays, and other important dates go here. Then, when it’s time to draw the layout for a future month, I can migrate the notes from the future log to that month’s weekly layout.


Collections are pages that don’t fall into the category of logs. So things like the habit tracker, my Bible Writing plan, daily journaling pages fall in here.

I’m trying a different habit tracker look because I reduced the number of habits that I’m tracking, and I was more concerned with how often I was doing certain habits, rather than the days in which I did habits. So this new look helps me better track the habit, rather than the days.

How is your bullet journal going?

What are some ways that you keep organized and on top of your tasks?

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