February Bullet Journal Layout

Feb Bujo.jpg

If you use the bullet journal, I can bet that you look forward to the end of the month because you get to create a new layout for the upcoming month! I’m not 100% done with the February layout yet, but I wanted to show some of the new things I’m trying. If you’re not using the bullet journal yet, what are you waiting for

1. Keeping track of Instagram challenges

cofWho else is obsessed with doing lettering challenges on Instagram? Since starting the bullet journal, I’ve also picked up lettering as a hobby. I’ve joined two lettering Facebook groups, and have been slowly improving my skills. One way to help you practice is to do “challenges” as motivation to letter/doodle something everyday. With February around the corner, I did a quick search and found way too many challenges I wanted to participate in! It was hard to choose just a few, but I decided to print them out and include them in my bullet journal so that I don’t forget! I might still not be able to letter everyday, but this way I at least have a quick reference instead of trying to search the challenges on Instagram again.

2. Detailing Expenses


My husband will tell you that I am not the most financially savvy person. I sometimes purchase things on a whim, I don’t always think about the consequences, and I sometimes neglect to return things to get my money back. Since the bullet journal is basically magic, and can do anything, I decided to add a small expenses tracker. I wanted to track it in my habit tracker, but for better accountability, I think listing out how much I spent and where I spent it will be more beneficial. I hope this will open my eyes to how much I’m spending, and where I can save or be more frugal!

3. Writing the Biblecof

Okay, this might not be a “new” thing, but I wanted to show how you can dedicate a page to the Bible Writing Plan! When I complete the writing for the day, on the left side of the page, I mark it with an “X”. You can also cross out the line, highlight it, star it, whatever else you want. On top of writing the Bible, word for word, I also spend some extra time reflecting and creatively responding to the passage. Check out my Instagram page for some of those letterings/doodles.

What new things are you trying out in the bullet journal this month? What are some things do you think I should try? Let me know in the comments!

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