DIY Baby Shower

DIY Baby Shower.jpgI don’t get to throw enough parties as I’d like, but I’ll take any and every opportunity that comes my way! Whether it be a spa party, Christmas party, and now a baby shower! I feel like it’s important for me to go ahead and say that this is notย my baby shower, but for a friend. She’s due in just a few weeks, and I can’t believe she will be a mother very soon!

This was the first baby shower that I ever helped throw. And thank goodness I had two other ladies who were also on the “baby shower committee”, because this was a big party! Since this was my first shower, I have some great tips especially for decorations since that was my area of responsibility (for my future reference), but also for you first-time baby shower planners, too!

1. Ask the mom-to-be (or dad-to-be, if he is more decoration-picky) for a “mood board”.

Think of a mood board like your Pinterest board. It can be clippings of photos from other baby showers that you’ve pinned. It can be a color scheme that you particularly like. It can be decoration ideas that you want to try. Anything, really, that will help your party planners to make your shower the best ever!

My friend, Julie, is having a boy, and her “mood board” consisted of dark navy, heather grey, white, pops of gold and orange, some patterns like stripes, chevron, polka dots, and foxes if we wanted to include some kind of animal. She even sent a picture! I can’t tell you how helpful it was to have a very clear decoration direction, so everything really came together smoothly.

The other planners and I even created our own Pinterest board based on Julie’s mood board, and added to it as we saw inspiration.



2. But don’t be intimidated by what you see on Pinterest (or other sites!)

We can all become “too inspired” by Pinterest. As the decorator, there were way too many things I wanted to try. Oh, I do want to sit down and waste two hours of my life punching out and sewing circles on a string so that I can make a garland that will be used for three hours and then thrown in the recycling can. Yes, I want to buy 6 yds of tulle for a photo backdrop. I really had to practice self-edit, and I even deleted some pins from the Pinterest board because I just had to say no to some of the ideas!

And that’s okay.

Sometimes simpler is better. We were having the party at someone’s home. So all we really needed was a banner (that was graciously given by one of Julie’s other friends, see above photo), some onesies and other clothing items (see above photo), table centerpieces, chalkboard signs, and poms. And out of all of those, the only supplies we actually bought were tissue paper for the poms, and flowers. Everything else we were able to use from our personal stash or borrow.


3. If you are going to buy supplies, buy stuff that serves another purpose or that you can reuse for future parties!ย 

Okay, so I did have to buy one other item, which was washi tape. And you know I love some good washi tape. I use it for my bullet journal, to fix usb cords, decorate a phone case, the possibilities are endless! I knew we wanted cupcake toppers with the little flags on them. But to buy them was kind of a waste of $5-10, depending on where you went. You either were going to get like 50 or 100, and we really only needed 32. What were we going to do with the rest, especially if we didn’t have another party that had the exact same theme?

So I decided to buy navy-themed washi tape and use toothpicks from home. The washi tape came in a pack of 10 at Michael’s, and with the 40% off coupon, cost me only $6. And now I have washi tape for daaaaaaaaaayyyysss.


We also had to buy small mason jars for the party favors. Again, instead of buying those paper or plastic containers that aren’t usually recyclable or environmentally friendly, we bought mason jars that will definitely get use by the party goers! Heck, they could use it as a gift to someone else! Yay for reusability!


4. Learn lettering.

Seriously. I’m so glad that I picked up lettering last year. If you’re in a pinch, you can certainly buy lettered signs and cards from Etsy or a craft store. But if you are a quick learner, and can pick up something like lettering, you will save so much! I just bought one more white chalk marker, and that was enough to do all of the party signs and food signs.


So that’s it from me! I really had tons of fun planning for this party, decorating, and helping to host the party. Julie and her husband are going to be amazing parents to their baby boy. I’m so excited for them!

What other tips would you have for a first-time baby shower planner?

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