Bible Writing Plan: May 2017

MAYBWP - titleMay’s Bible Writing Plan is a continuation of April. We’ll finish Psalm 119 this month. I am really enjoying taking my time in reading this Psalm. This chapter exalts God’s Word, and it’s helping me slow down, meditate, and even memorize. Just some of the reasons why I love writing out the Bible!

No matter how many times I read the Bible, there is always a freshness that comes with it. I’m reminded that God’s words are alive and still relevant today. I remember that He does not go back on His word or make promises that He doesn’t keep. I am comforted because His words feed my soul.

For those of you joining me on this journey, how is it going for you? How are you writing the words? In your personal diary? In a journal? Through a creative outlet like art or lettering?

If you are on Instagram, there are several people who are sharing their works with me using #thethingsunseen. Feel free to join me there, too!

Happy Bible writing!

MAYBWP - blog

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