Happy Mother’s Day


Dear mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and other mother figures out there:

You are truly amazing. A mother isn’t a mother without experience her fair share of hardships, tears, and sorrow. But a mother is also a mother because she has experienced joy, thankfulness, and love.

You do things that some people will never see. You utter prayers that may seem to fall on deaf ears. You shed tears in the middle of the night.

Sometimes you just don’t have time. Time to brush your teeth. Time to fold the laundry. Time to dust off the shelves and furniture.

You feel all alone sometimes. And for some of you, you were (or still are) alone.

But a mother is also a mother because she embodies joy, grace, and love.

Just as a flower grows even under the harshest conditions sometimes, when it blooms, it brings joy, peace, and inspiration. And a flower also thrives when it receives the nutrients, sunlight, and water for nourishment.

So my encouragement is this. On this Mother’s Day, take time to celebrate with your family and friends. And if you’re not a Mother, then pour out love to your mother/mother figure. But also take the time to recharge and be filled with God’s love and spirit. Because you aren’t alone. And God sees all the little things you do for your children, family, and all those under your care.

We love you, moms!


Your children, grandchildren, and everyone whose lives you have touched

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