The #100DayProject


In the last several years, and especially the last several months, I’ve seen a significant shift in me where I’ve begun to explore the creative side in me more.

When I saw posts about the #100DayProject popping up on my Instagram feed, I was definitely intrigued. But I felt like I wasn’t “good enough” at my craft to participate in the project. So I ignored the call…until day 1 of the 100 days started. Continue reading

Intermediate Brush Lettering: My Essentials

Int. Brush Lettering - My Essentials.jpg

This is a follow-up to the first brush lettering post – “Brush Lettering: My Essentials” where I shared some of my favorite, affordable, and basic tools for getting started with brush lettering. In this post, I’ll show some different tools to achieve different styles and effects. As I’ve expanded my collection of tools, I’m starting to narrow down my strengths and preferences.  Continue reading

Brush Lettering: My Essentials

brush-lettering-essentialsI’m not sure when “brush lettering” became a thing… but it’s my newest and favorite hobby! If you’re thinking, “I’m not that artistic”, then I want to encourage you… this is a hobby that anyone can pick up! There are tons of practice sheets out there, basic, affordable tools that you can start with, and so many other things that it can lead to! These are some of my favorite essentials that I used at the beginning of my lettering journey. Next week, I’ll share additional essentials that are next level stuff! Continue reading

Watercoloring: My Essentials

Watercoloring Essentials.jpg

When I picked up the bullet journal back in August 2015, I also picked up a couple other hobbies. Lately, I’ve been obsessed with learning how to watercolor and using it for lettering as well. I’ve always wanted to learn how to watercolor. I love how easy it looks… but appreciate how difficult it actually is. I love how the colors can fade and mix into each other. I like how I don’t necessarily need a fancy studio or a large space for watercoloring.

In my quest to learn watercoloring, I searched high and low for an affordable materials for a beginner like me. I wanted to invest in quality tools, but knew that I couldn’t afford the very best. So I’ve compiled a list of the tools that you might find helpful if you want to try watercoloring yourself! If you have suggestions based on your experiences, I’d love to hear from you! Continue reading