DIY Spa Party: Part 1

Spa Party title photo part 1.jpg

Two months ago, the women’s ministry at my church hosted a Mother’s Day celebration. The day was filled with pampering, professional massage therapists, DIY bath salts, and games.

We’re about halfway done with summer, and I felt like I needed another spa day with my ladies! This time, I decided to host it at home, with just a handful of ladies (since my place is small and can accommodate only so many people!)

I had to be creative with my space because, like I explained, my place is small. But after rearranging some furniture, and setting out additional ones, I came up with five stations that the ladies could enjoy. I apologize that I didn’t take as many photos as I should have! I was more concerned with everyone having a good time. But I did take plenty of photos of my chalkboard signs.. =) Without further ado, here is what my DIY spa night looked like! Continue reading