31 Days in the Bible

31 Days in the Bible.jpg

Ever since I started this blog, I’ve been putting out monthly Bible Writing Plans to help us be more intentional about not only reading, but also writing the Word. In March, I also put out the plan on Instagram as a lettering challenge with the hashtag #thethingsunseen and a few people even joined in! On Instagram, since the platform is more visual, participants were not required to write out the entire passage, but perhaps focus on one or two words, a specific verse, phrase, thought, or draw something. I was so excited that other people participated, that I decided to do the same for April! If you’re active on Instagram, I’d love to have you join in, too! Just check out my page.

I’ve also shared in the past about how to creatively respond to the Bible, and how that allows us to connect deeper, meditate, encourage, and express ourselves. I did a little bit of this in my earlier plans, but in March, I really focused in on it so that I could participate in the Instagram version of the plan. I’m so glad that I explored my creative side more, because I learned three important lessons. Continue reading

Reignite: Your Friendships

friendshipsAs someone who moved thirteen times across three continents by the time she was thirteen, friendships were really difficult to maintain. When I entered the 8th grade, I was done with people, done with making friends because I was under the impression that we would pick up and move again. Little did I know that I would meet one of my best friends and end up staying in the same place through high school and college.  Continue reading