3 Reasons Why I Have a Spiritual Mentor

Screenshot_2017-01-03-11-11-01.jpgI went out-of-state for college hoping that I could have a “fresh start”, whatever that meant. I was hoping to run away from my problems, bad friends…high school drama. But when I went to college, nothing changed. I was in a new state, a new surrounding, with new people, but the same problems followed me. Because I was the same. Because my heart was the same.

Have you been through something similar? You think that moving away, changing churches, or getting new friends will change something in you.

But it’s never the circumstances that will change what’s really going on in your heart. Only God can do the work in your heart that will help you to shift your perspective regarding your circumstances. However, it can get difficult when you’re doing it on your own. And that’s when a spiritual mentor steps in to walk beside you, to help you get back on track, to advise, train/disciple, rebuke, and encourage alongside you.

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How to Choose a Theme for the New Year

new-y-ear-themeSince 2011 or so, I stopped making resolutions at the start of each new year. No matter what the resolution was, I would eventually forget about it, lose motivation for it, and stop pursuing it. Resolutions tend to be unrealistic and impractical because of their vague nature. Go to the gym more. Eat more vegetables. Be nicer to co-workers. Read the Bible more. Sound familiar?

Don’t get me wrong, making goals is very important. I still make goals on a monthly basis, but they are more manageable, time-sensitive, and attainable. (More on this in a future post!)

So, instead of making resolutions for 2017, I would encourage you to pray about a theme or verse/passage for the new year.

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Top 10 Memories of 2016

2016-memoriesAt the end of each year, I set an overarching theme for the coming year. For 2016, that theme was perseverance. I felt directionless in a lot of ways. But even in my wandering, I didn’t want to lose my focus or my perspective on life. And in order to not lose faith or hope, I had to persevere through it. Now that it’s almost the end of 2016, I do believe God stretched me in many ways to persevere. Here are some of the memories from this year, and what I’ve learned.

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5 Ways to Say “Thank You” to Various Ministries at Church



Given that it’s the month of “Thanksgiving”, I felt it was appropriate to include a post about how to say “Thank You” to the various ministries at your church.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been to churches where words of thankfulness and affirmation were in abundance, and other churches where I felt like I had to earn it. Brothers and sisters, in a church, we are to be one body. One part of the body is no more or less important than another (1 Corinthians 12:12-31). When we hold back our gratitude, we are hurting the body, and ourselves.

So, let’s lift each other up, spur one another one to love and good works (Hebrews 10:24), and show our gratitude!

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Hope in God, Not Man

This year was only my third election, and the first time I was able to vote in person (other times I was out of state). I was actually a bit nervous to fill out my ballot. I had to pause, and pray over each candidate and my decision. And I also lifted up a prayer for the nation. Because no matter who won, there would be people upset. So where do we go from here? I believe that now, more than ever, is the time to kneel, pray, heal, and act.

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